Why I would prefer you to leave if your not into me....

Recently I have encountered a few men that regrettably  didn't see reading my website as a priority, and booked me solely on the pretty pictures. Unfortunately, from the pretty pictures you can not tell I am 6ft; and as I am not overweight nor can you tell I am a curvaceous size 12 amazon. 

Some men are not into a lady of my statuesque, and that is totally fine. I am fully aware and okay with not being every man's cup of tea. But what I am not okay with is the men who stay pretending everything is fine, even though they are completely unhappy because your not what they visualized.

The problem with these men who don't speak up pretending everything's fine; is when someone dislikes you immensely because you were not what they envisioned NOTHING you do will ever please them or make them satisfied. You could do a backflip through a burning hoop of fire and in their eyes you have still provided the worst experience ever.

Not liking me is not only an unpleasant experience for the person involved, its an extremely unpleasant experience for me to. Regrettably, while they won't speak up even when asked if everything is okay, their tone, mannerism and interaction is far from desirable to be around. As a lady it tends to make us feel self conscious and uneasy, only to top it off when they leave, upset.

While most men who come to see me absolutely adore me, IF you find your self one of the few men who didn't research adequately and are therefore not into me. I ask that you be a decent man, be honest, and politely excuse yourself. It's not hard, all it takes is for you to politely mutter the words "I  am really sorry, but you are not what I expected" and then politely excuse yourself from the booking.

Worried I will be annoyed? Yes I will be a little annoyed because you didn't take the time to research me prior to booking. BUT I would much rather you leave then subject us both to an awful time together. I personally guarantee that I won't make a fuss, or cause problems after you have gone.

While I know it takes courage for some to speak up, surely leaving and saving your money for a lady more suited to your taste and desire is better then parting with your money and attempting to make yourself feel better by being a keyboard warrior and trashing the lady online.

So please instead of attempting to make yourself feel better by writing awful hurtful reviews. You have my permission to be a real man, to speak up and politely excuse yourself. I promise in the long run you will be happier for it.