Why I am verified on some websites and not others.

With everything going on lately I have been asked a few times lately why I am verified on some advertising platforms and not others. I can guarantee you that I am genuine. The photos showcased on my website are extremely recent, they were taken on 12 April 2018.

Why I am not, hosts a reason that is actually quite simple. The websites that you may have noticed I don't hold verification with, have verification policies that are outside my comfort zone. While I am more then happy to hold a sign beside my body with their company name beside me so they can compare photos; I am not okay holding the sign beside my face. Once a photo like that is taken, if ever leaked there is no denying that once upon a time you were a companion. Additionally I also outright refuse to provide a government issued identification for them to do a facial comparison match; especially considering due to my involvement in other fields my face is not shown in their photos as to keep my identity sealed.

By not providing photos that personally make me feel uncomfortable and allowing companies to store the submitted evidence long after I have retired from this industry, I am able to feel at peace knowing that my legal information can never be used as a bargaining tool with authorities in the future.

With much appreciation, I thank you for understanding my position on this matter.