For all the naughty things we can get up to...

For those that like to explore what I am like a little more, you do have the option of checking out some of my reviews. 

You will find me to be positively rated between a 7 and 9. This is by no means a reflection of how much someone actually enjoyed their time with me, or how in the moment I was. The review site dictates what score we are worth by particular activities mentioned within the review.

Being I am a playful GFE not PSE I am therefore not eligible to ever receive a score of 10 because I don't partake in the PSE selection required to achieve that score. Additionally some guys out there are only wanting to engage in what is known as a "Vanilla GFE", when this occurs it is dictated by the site that I am only worthy of scoring a 7.

I believe our time together is our time together, to be enjoyed how the two of us wish to entwine in the moment regardless of how scoring is dictated. I do not believe in having to become mechanical in an attempt to tick off a list dictated by others.