Ultimate Girl Friend Experience

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Throw all cautions and inhibitions to the wind.

For NYC & Boston Please Add $50 to the donation below.

1 hour: $300

90 minutes: $500

2 hours:  $600

3 hours:  $850

4 hours: $1100


VIP Treatment – Extended Bookings

When a few hours are never enough! Lets entertain each other’s desires, unwind and see what pleasure the night brings.

Dinner Date Packages:

6 hours: $1000

Overnight Delights:

12 - 15 hours: $2000

 Full Day Bliss:

24 hours: $2500

Weekend Retreat:

48 hours: $4000

On our Date 

Please place the donated gift given in appreciation of the delightedly enjoyable companionship on the bathroom counter without the need of being asked.


While gifts are never expected they are always appreciated and loved. I am always beyond grateful for any gift given be it flowers or something special you have selected.

If you would like an idea of something that i would love, click the link bellow. It has a range of gift ideas varying in price, you will be able to find something to match. 
You can either use the wishlist as a guide to go shopping; OR if you have the desire to provide me with an unexpected surprise if you purchase from the link they will discreetly send the item to my home. But please make sure you leave a name and email so i can receive a special thank you to show my grattitude.